Department of Internal Medicine

Our Department of Internal Medicine

Our Department of Internal Medicine

The Our Department of Internal Medicine strives to provide comprehensive care while helping patients manage their conditions and enjoy the best quality of life. We are dedicated to patient care both on outpatient and inpatient basis round the clock.

We specialise in maintaining long-term adult wellness. We combine patient-centred adult care of the highest quality along with physician expertise and latest advances in medical technology. We form the backbone of this prestigious hospital and thus integrate the TPAs sub specialities. We specialise in management and after care not only of Life style diseases including Hypertension, diabetes, Bronchial asthma, obesity etc. but also treat chronic ailments of immune disorders like Arthritis and other multisystem diseases, metabolic diseases, haematological or blood related aberrations and make an attempt to screen and detect Cancer at its initiation.

We are vigilant towards the onslaught of communicable diseases from Tuberculosis to Typhoid and Hepatitis and are ever alert to fight epidemics of Dengue and Malaria destroying the disease and sorting its complications in totality

We offer comprehensive Geriatric Care to enhance the quality of life of older people- through diagnosis, assessment, treatment and follow-up care.

Services Offered:

Treatment for Myocardial Infarction( Heart Attack), Stroke(Brain Attack), Diagnostic Tests include 2D ECHO, ECG, TMT and Holter Monitoring.

Infectious diseases

Treatment for Malaria, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, HIV/Aids, Dengue fever, Influenza, etc.

High Dependency Care (HDU)

Our HDU is a highly specialised facility dedicated to patients who need close monitoring, nursing care and extra care due to complex medical illness. This facility leverages advanced technology to ensure patient safety. We offer HDU support for many medical emergencies like septicemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, shock of any kind, meningitis, pneumonia, etc.

Management of chronic diseases

 Multi-system discussion by senior consultant of Our Department of medicine.
 Coordination between different specialist and holistic care of patients.

Environmental disease management

Diseases due to Industrial chemical exposure, drowning, electrical injuries, snake bite, dog bite, insect or scorpion bite are treated.

Lifestyle Counseling

We provide not only therapeutic but also preventive care and counsel patients on basic lifestyle modifications to improve their quality of life.

Adult vaccination programme

Committed to providing convenient, personalized and cost-effective immunization services.

Pre-operative checks

 Before any surgery in order to diagnose any potential problems pre-operatively to optimize patients condition.
 Diagnose and manage new and existing medical problems prior to surgical procedures and afterwards.

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